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How to keep an erection after ejaculation

How to keep an erection after ejaculation



To keep a very strong erection after ejaculation is outstanding except for very young people during puberty.

This is due to the hormonal activity which speed up and keep still an intense emotional excitement.

This hormonal activity decline with age.

In addition, tiredness, worries and stress have a negative influence on the periods of excitement.

You’ll then have to wait to recover physically and psychologically the excitement to come back.

This phase of rest after ejaculation lead compulsorily to the loss of your erection.

Why penis lost its tonicity?

At the first excitement, blood enter quickly in the penis which expands in a few seconds up to 1 minute (if there is no problem).

Then blood will be shut up with veins that make a kind of tourniquet. This will hold blood up to the orgasm.

However, following the orgasm, the reverse process is engaged, a bit like a bath becoming empty as soon as the plug has been pulled out.

We simply need to find a way to keep this plug in to hold blood 30 minutes more without circulation problems.

So that penis will stay hard without a new complete cycle of excitement (from 20 minutes up to 2 hours according to the age).

After 50, in most of the case, a second time is impossible. You need to wait the day after or even 25 days after.

Some natural products exist that can improve this recovery time. I can give the names of these products that can be bought in chemist’s without prescription.

Now I can help you effectively with an infallible immediate method that could applied to all.

It will allow you to satisfy the most demanding partners and even ejaculate a second time or a third time in this period if your phantasmatic excitement continue.

In any case it ensure your partner to reach orgasm.

Whatever the method may be, the goal of all is to give a maximum of pleasure and time to the other.

So don’t hesitate any longer to use for this outstanding method I reveal you right now…

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