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How to improve the penis tonicity during sex act?

How to improve the penis tonicity during the sex act?

And avoid the erection loss during the positions changes…
You have to know that erection is very sensitive to excitements, senses and fantasies.
Erection can stop if there is a noise, a smell, an unpleasant remark or a disturbing attitude from your partner.

Other factors like condoms can lead to a partial or complete loss of tonicity.
hanges in positions can also upset your erotic concentration.
With partial or even complete loss of tonicity.
Failure is always very frustrating and humiliating.
Failure can then cause feelings that make men less virile and having doubts about themselves.
“the fear of failure cause failure”
To avoid that and find again confidence and tonicity, this method will allow you to have a sex act immediately without failure
In an other hand, some natural products can help erotic concentration, ease the erection and improve the development and the expansion of the penis. These products can be bought in chemist’s without prescription. I will tell you how and when to use them.
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