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Control your sexual energies – Purchase order

Control your sexual energies

You make the decision to react and finally live a full-bloom sexuality

without any troubles.

American center method

Congratulations ! You’ve reacted like more than 50 000 people who already used this method over ten years

.Control your sexual energies

Very soon you’ll receive, under plain cover, your method. Contents :

1°) the natural technique that allows to learn to control ejaculation during preliminaries or the sex act itself.
This method will be applied during the excitement phase by a mental and body control technique.
It stops physically the rising of the sperm in the ejaculation canals without any danger because you will learn how to reproduce the spontaneous reflex which delay the rising of the sperm in the penis.

Simple and clear detailed exercises to be practised alone then with your partner if she agrees (but optional if you prefer to keep your training secret) and finally during sex act itself with advice for penetration (which could be critical because very exciting).

2°) With this technique you’ll also get a trick coming from ancient China, rediscovered by American sexologists and which allows :

– to desensitize the head of the penis from 10 to 15%
– to maintain erection 1 hour (maximum) after ejaculation in order to give to your partner her orgasm
– to slow down the rising of the sperm
– to get a stronger penis with a stable erection without fluctuation or flabbiness even over 50

This trick can be used alone or to complete the natural method to get extra time.

You’ll be soon in a position to satisfy your partner and share with her a full-bloom sexuality.

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